Dr Ali Roula

Name: Mohammed Ali Roula (*Head of unit*)
Department: Faculty of Advanced Technology
Title: Reader
Telephone: 01443 482548
Room: J425
Qualifications: Ingenieur d’Etat (B.Eng.), Ph.D.
Staff web page: Here


Dr. Roula received his PhD in Computer Science from Queen’s University of Belfast in 2004. He joined the Department of electronics and computer systems engineering at the University of Glamorgan (UG) as a senior lecturer and member of the Medical Electronics and Signal Processing Research Unit.


Software programming (C++, VB), digital and analogue electronics and embedded electronics.


Areas of interest include, Quantitative Pathology, Patterns Recognition and Classification, Medical Imaging and Evolutionary Computing.

Dr. Roula’s main research interest is medical image processing. Current work includes image analysis in pathology such as the improvement of data extraction techniques in Confocal Laser Scanned Microscopy for cancer applications. He is also involved in the Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) research team which aims at developing contactless and non-invasive imaging methods for medical and non-medical applications. Dr. Roula is currently supervising Mr. Maimaitijiang for his PhD which addresses the optimisation of the computational aspects of MIT imaging.

Dr. Ali Roula has recently been awarded a “research and innovation grant” to work on project untitled “Designing Better Adaptive Brain Computer Interfaces for Stroke Rehabilitation using High Performance Computing”. The project – of a total value of £81,000- is partly funded by HPC Wales and will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Peter McCarthy and Neuradaptix Ltd.

In 2008, Dr. Roula secured an EPSRC grant worth £94,000 to fund a project of a total value of £117,000. The Project untitled “Implementation of Magnetic Induction Tomography image reconstruction algorithms on Clearspeed Advance co-processor” will aim at developing High performance computing software tools for Magnetic induction tomography (MIT).

Additionally, Dr. Roula was the recipient of a travel grant from the royal society of engineering to attend an invited talk at CMOS emerging technologies meeting.

Dr. Roula co-authored over 30 papers in the field of imaging and computing and is a regular reviewer of computing conferences and journals such as “Pattern Recognition” Journal.

Selection of Recent Publications:


S. Bouatmane, M. A. Roula, A. Bouridane and S. Al-Maadeed, “Round-Robin sequential forward selection algorithm for prostate cancer classification and diagnosis using multispectral imagery” Journal:Machine Vision and Applications. , Springer Verlag, Sept. 2010.

Y. Maimaitijiang, J. Kahlert, M. A. Roula, D. D.Y. Chen, M. Hamsch “Approaches for Improving Image Quality in Magnetic Induction Tomography” Physiological Measurements journal IOP. ,Volume 31, issue 8, August 2010.

Y. Maimaitijiang, M.A. Roula, S. Watson, R. Patz, R.J. Williams, H. Griffiths “Parallelization Methods for Implementation of Magnetic Induction Tomography Forward Models in Symmetric Multiprocessor Systems,” Journal of Parallel Computing,

Y. Maimaitijiang, M.A. Roula, S. Watson, G. Meriadec, K. Sobaihi, R.J. Williams “Evaluation of Parallel Accelerators for High Performance Image Reconstruction for Magnetic Induction Tomography”, Journal of Selected Areas in Software Engineering, January. 2011.

Books and chapters:

M.A. Roula, “Multispectral Imaging: Application To Pathology”, book published by VDM Verlag, 208 pages, ISBN: 978-3836495141, 2009. link.

Tahir, A. Bouridane, M.A. Roula “Prostate Cancer Classification using Multispectral Imagery and Evolutionary Heuristics”, book chapter in Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Techniques & Applications, CRC Press, Nov. 2008. ISBN: 9781420060591.

Y. Maimaitijiang, M.A. Roula, S. Watson, R. Patz, R.J. Williams, H. Griffiths, “Efficient Parallelisation of 3-D Finite-difference Algorithm Using PETS Library” Book chapter: Science and Supercomputing in Europe, ISBN: 978-88-86037-21-1, 376-381 , 2007.

Y. Maimaitijiang, S. Watson, M.A. Roula, R. Patz, R.J. Williams, H. Griffiths, “Parallel Implementation of a Magnetic Induction Tomography forward modeller by Physical Domain and Coils”, chapter in Science and Supercomputing in Europe, ISBN:978?88-86037?19-8, 407?414, 2006.

Conference papers

M. A. Roula, J. Kulon, Y. Maimaitijiang, “Brain-Computer Interface speller using hybrid P300 and motor imagery signal”, IEEE BioRob 2012.

A. Izzidien, M. A. Roula, S. Mallipudi, S. Chaitanya Ogirala, S. Bantupalli. “Brain Computer Interfacing Using Humour and Memory Recall” , book chapter in: lecture note in computer science ICONIP proceedings, ISBN 3642344747, 2012, Springer, pp 681-688, 2012.

J. Kulon, L. Zhang, M. A. Roula, ?Effects of System Parameters on Particle Statistics in Aerosol Charge and Size Measurement in Oscillatory Electric Fields”. IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference. 2011

Y. Maimaitijiang, M. A. Roula, K. Sobeihi, S. Watson, R.J. Williams, H. Griffiths, “A Parallel Implementation of a Magnetic Induction Tomography: Image Reconstruction Algorithm on the ClearSpeed Advance Accelerator Board”, IEEE International Conference on Image processing ICIP 2009.