MESPRU Seminar:MESPRU seminar Transcranial Electrical Stimulation, opportunities and challenges

May 15, 2015

Monday 18th May 2015, 10.00-13.00
University of South Wales, Pontypridd
Room: TC104, Ty Crawshay (Block A)

Organised by Medical Electronics and Signal Processing Research Unit and sponsored by HPC Wales

Abstract: Transcranial electrical stimulation such as tDCS has been gaining a growing interest in research as well as recreational applications. Many studies have reported improvements in cognitive functions, motor processing, memory and learning in healthy brains. Additionally, tDCS has been studied on patients with neurodegenerative disease, movement disorders, epilepsy, and post-stroke language, attention, or executive deficits. Meanwhile, a number of other studies have reported negative effects highlighting the importance of robust experimental controls and suggesting the picture, as often with brain research, is more complex than initially imagined. In this seminar we will discuss some of the recent tDCS work and the future direction of research in this area.

If you are interested in attending please let us know by accepting this outlook invite or reply “accept” by email.

• 9.45-10.00 : Arrival, tea/coffee
• 10.00 -10.20 : “Introduction and background of tDCS work at USW” by Dr. Ali Roula (University of South Wales)
• 10.30 10.50 : 'Combining tES and Neuroimaging’. By Dr. David McGonigle (Cardiff University)
• 11.00-11.20 : “HPC Wales and brain research” by Dr Ahmed Izzidien (University of South Wales)
• 11.20-12.30 : General discussion on future direction of tDCS research
• 12.30-13.00 : Buffet lunch and departure

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