PhD opportunity

September 20, 2012

PhD studentship in “Portable Brain Computer Interface for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation”

The medical electronics and signal processing research unit, in collaboration with the clinical technology and diagnostics research unit, at the University of Glamorgan is offering an exciting PhD studentship opportunity on a project entitled “ Portable Brain Computer Interface for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation”. The project aims at investigating recent developments in portable EEG to provide cheaper and portable rehabilitation tools for people with motor and cognitive disabilities often caused by conditions such as strokes. This will be achieved by using direct Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) along with other biofeedback modalities to stimulate the brain’s natural neuroplasticity during rehabilitation.

The Project is a cross-faculty collaboration and supervisory team will comprise staff from the faculty of Advanced Technology as well as the faculty Health, Sport and Science. The ideal candidate must have a first class degree (or Master) in electrical engineering, computing, biomedical engineering or related areas with knowledge of programming, signal processing and basic physiology being desirable. Most importantly the candidate must have an enthusiasm and a natural curiosity for scientific research and technology.

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