About Us

MESPRU focuses on the development of advanced image and signal processing techniques for medical applications.

The Unit is renowned for its work on force distributions beneath compression bandages, and bandage system efficacy. Recently this work has developed to include studies that determine the role of pressure and microclimate in the formation and treatment of pressure wounds. This work is jointly conducted with the Wound Healing Research Unit at the University of Wales College of Medicine.

Other collaboration with the University Hospital of Wales concerns the development of novel signal processing techniques for processing Doppler blood flow signals, and development of electronic circuits for electrical impedance tomography and magnetic induction tomography. The latter involves ultra high-precision phase measurement techniques for low level 10MHz signals.

Members of MESPRU working in the Centre of Electronic Product Engineering were responsible for a spectral analysis ASIC that is the hub of a commercially available portable vascular laboratory (Huntleigh Healthcare Assist). This product won a major prize.

There are a number of smaller industrial involvements that include such aspects as the prediction of surface textures of steels, and the assessment of forces in structural anchors used to stabilise civil engineering structures.