Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT)

This work concerns the development of a prototype non-contact, non-invasive medical imaging modality. The work is in two parts. University Hospital and Cardiff University members are developing the magnetic field theory and computation engine for image construction. Our team is developing the instrumentation system.

The system involves the development of 10MHz transceivers interfaced to a phase measurement device. The challenge is to resolve 10 millidegrees on low-level signals. The team is employing heterodyne methods to ease the measurement problem. Data obtained from a distributed transceiver system will enable a two dimensional map of electrical impedance within its boundary to be computed and displayed. Good progress has been made and a prototype imaging system is under construction. Two EPSRC Grants support currently the work.

The team

Dr. Ali Roula
Professor Bob Williams
Professor Huw Griffiths (Swansea NHS Trust)
Mr Stuart Watson
Dr Bill Gough (Cardiff University, Physics)
Dr Ralf Patz
Maimaitijiang Yasheng
Brian Wee
George Panayi
Massoud Zolgharni (Cardiff University)

Imaging low-conductivity materials in Magnetic Induction Tomography (LCOMIT Project)

Project Code:EP/E009832/1

This project brings together two of the world’s leading groups in MIT, from Manchester and South Wales, with a programme designed to address the fundamental theoretical and practical problems of making MIT operate reliably with low-conductivity materials (< 10 S/m). The success of this research could produce a major step forward in the application of MIT, with new opportunities in imaging biological tissues and industrial processes. Three specific application areas will be researched: one biomedical, for imaging acute cerebral stroke, one in glass production, for monitoring process parameters to ensure product quality, and one in the oil industry for imaging the process water in an oil/gas pipeline.

Project partners include :University College London, Pilkington Technology, Swansea NHS Trust, Philips Research Laboratories, NIS Ltd, Polytec R&D Foundation

Total joint project value: £674,984
Starts: 01 October 2006 Ends: 30 September 2009.

Implementation of MIT image reconstruction algorithms on Clearspeed Advance co-processor

Project code:EP/F011059/1

This project will aim at developing high performance computing software tools for Magnetic Induction Tomography which could potentially provide portable and low cost computing for a non invasive imaging technique which could be suitable for medical applications such as rapid medical assessment of conductions such as cerebral strokes in emergency situations. Algorithms for image reconstruction have successfully been developed in recent years by our group and others. These algorithms are very intensive computationally, and only low resolution images can be reconstructed within practical time limits. In this project we propose to port our existing code (written in FORTRAN) to a multi accelerator board platform (Clearspeed) to allow fast computation of image reconstruction and allow higher resolutions making MIT more suitable for medical applications. The new implemented system will be the basis for future research and commercial development in MIT. This grant consolidates, with existing EPSRC funded projects, Glamorgan’s MIT research team position as one of the world pioneers in the field of Magnetic induction tomography imaging.

Project value: £117,000 (80% EPSRC funded)
Starts: 10/03/2008 Ends: 09/09/2009